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Parenting At Your Best

Powerful Reflections and Straightforward Tips for Becoming A Mindful Parent

Written by: Roni Wing Lambrecht

Parenting at Your Best by Roni Wing Lambrecht
A Parent's Guide for Journaling to Their Child by Roni Wng Lambrecht

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Parenting at Your Best Audiobook by Roni Wing Lambrecht

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Since our beautiful son, Dalton, left for heaven on December 29th, 2013, we've been doing our best to remain productive. We find our daily motivation in helping others; either by performing random acts of kindness, helping non-profits with fundraisers, working with other parents and family members through the realities of losing a child, and, most importantly, by helping families who currently have children to become mindful of the simple joys often missed in the chaos of daily life. We hope our experiences can help you, too...   ♥♥♥Much Love, Roni and John♥♥♥

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